Cambridge Analytica

As many of my non-existent readers may know, I swore off of Facebook in a fit of drunken… rage? No, that’s not quite right. A better term escapes me but that isn’t really important right now. Suffice it to say that I won’t be logging into Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram ever again. I’ve removed all of those apps from my iPhone and I have no plans to re-install them. When I do log back in, it will be to download all my photos to import into this blog.

Thanks to Cambridge Analytica, and that gentleman with the really colorful hair who blew the whistle on them, here I am with a newly minted WordPress blog. Most importantly though, the data for this blog is stored on my private home network and away from the prying eyes of Facebook executives. Those untrustworthy louts have demonstrated on more than one occasion that they regard their user base as chattel. Having abandoned Facebook, I’m left to my own devices if I want to continue throwing my thoughts out into the ether, and the name of that particular device in this case is a Raspberry Pi.

I’m finding many uses for my Raspberry Pi and this blog is among them. Perhaps more importantly for my privacy, and the privacy of anyone who resides in my home, was implementing an encrypted DNS server. This prevents another one of those unavoidable companies in our lives, our ISP’s, from tracking which websites we are requesting on their networks. If you’ve got a Raspberry Pi and are interested in doing the same, here is the guide to Secure your DNS with a Raspberry Pi, Unbound and Cloudflare, and if you want to install WordPress the easy way, Install WordPress Blog on Raspberry Pi. Cheers!

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