In Search Of The Elusive Conservative Comedian

I won’t be watching the Rosanne reboot. Not because of Barr’s politics so much, but because of the toxic and blatant racism that she has been spewing lately. Case in point: Rosanne’s most recent, and now deleted tweet:

“muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

VJ refers to Valerie Jarrett, who is a former advisor to President Obama. She has African-American heritage, and was born to American parents in Iran. Rosanne originally tried to defend her tweet as a joke and ended up making an apology instead, but the cat was already out of the bag as they say. She not only managed to make a racist comment under the guise of “comedy”, she did it in a way that deeply offends at least two distinct marginalized groups in our society.

Quick, name the funniest Republican you know. Are you having trouble? You probably wouldn’t be alone. A few notable comedians have taken the path less travelled (Dennis Miller or Tim Taylor come to mind) by waded out into the murky world of politics and anchoring themselves firmly to the Republican party. This sort of shift has not typically gone well for the career of any comedian.

They will tell you that they are ostracized by progressive Hollywood elites because of their politics, but I would beg to differ. Conservative humor just isn’t funny, and nobody is going to hire you to tell jokes that no audience wants to hear. Rosanne’s twitter comment is a textbook example.

Racial jokes are some of the most sublime jokes that a comedian can pull off, if  done well. Lisa Lampanelli is perhaps the best example of a white women successfully building a career on racial jokes. The key is not relying on racial epithets, i.e. planet of the apes, or any allusion to a simian species in comparison to an African-American as Rosanne did. That’s decidedly unfunny, and just outright racist. A good racial joke is easily discernable from a racist joke, and usually highlights cultural differences or commonly known stereotypes. If done correctly, nobody in their right mind would misconstrue a racial joke as racist.

Personally I don’t care who Roseanne votes for. It’s not something that I care to know about an entertainer anyway. I have friends who voted for Trump because they are Republicans, and I wouldn’t think of ending my relationship with them because of personal politics. What would cause me to end a relationship is neo-nazi, white power, racist bullshit like Roseanne’s “joke”, and that’s exactly why I won’t be watching her show.

…Annnnnd, as I was writing this another report came out that ABC has dropped her show. Good riddance if you ask me.

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