Owning the Libs.

Many people, some of them with larger brains than I can rightly claim ownership of, have thrashed those mighty intellects collectively against the seemingly impenetrable wall of support Trump enjoys from Conservatives. Notice I did not say Republicans, a subject that I will revisit shortly. I think mostly though, that they have attempted to overcomplicate things in their attempt to explain whatever appeal he has to his hardcore, fanatical base. This group is a third rail in Republican circles; everybody knows it’s there and it’s dangerous, and nobody wants to step on it for fear of getting ousted from office. Hiding from the press in their congressional offices, they look the other way as their RINO president is doing everything he can to systematically destroy this once great republic and reduce it to a banana republic, or worse.

Let’s start with his open admiration for any dictator. As Nancy Pelosi said, all roads lead to Putin with this one. Putin is of course one of the more successful dictators, and you may be saying “But Jaime Christ, he’s elected”. Knowing what we know now, and the manipulations that he engaged in to alter the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election, I think it’s safe to surmise that he doesn’t hold free and open elections in high regard, and Russia’s own electoral process that somehow keeps electing Putin is certainly not beyond reproach. His stance against the press is similar to Trump’s continued assault on the US press as the “enemy of the people”. Then there is Duterte, and Kim Jong Un, or Jair Bolsonaro, and pretty much every terrible leader currently in power, all of whom he has praised while simultaneously speaking ill of nearly every leader of the free world. The conservatives who think of themselves as constitutionalists that believe in limited government cannot possibly support this. He’s aligned himself with leaders who enact brutal and deadly crackdowns on their own citizens, and those that would imprison their politcal rivals, and he’s squandered whatever international respect we had left as defenders of liberty.

Then there are Christian Conservatives, who spent 8 years decrying Bill Clinton’s well known infidelity. He lied on the stand to cover up his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and the Republicans in Congress impeached him for it. Now we have a president who is not only unfaithful to his wife, his third one no less, but pays off the women he’s having affairs with to buy their silence during an election. Oh, and he lies to our collective faces about it, even though he’s been recorded having a conversation discussing the payoff to Stormy Daniels. But I suppose it’s more important to refuse service to gay people, and to force rape victims to birth their rape babies, then to expect the POTUS to uphold even the thinnest veneer of respectability, honesty, and loyalty to someone other than himself.

Then there are the cowards in Congress who dare not stand up to him, choosing instead to kiss the ring of the would-be king for fear that by doing the right thing, they may get voted out of office. They know, without a doubt, that this guy is a wrecking ball wholly unfit for any role in public service, and yet they will not only stand idly by, but defend things that just 3 short years ago would have been unthinkable to hear out of a Republican’s mouth. Furthermore, a wave of Republicans are retiring, choosing instead to betray their oaths of office and run away from the fight with their tails between their legs. I have little respect for those who stick their necks out to criticize Trump when they’re forfeiting whatever skin they had in the game before doing so.

Again, these are observations that many other people have already made, and continue to scratch their heads over. Conservatives as a voting block support Republicans by and large, yet it’s obvious that Trump is not, nor was he ever a conservative. Neither is he a Republican, a distinction the was clearly demonstrated recently with his sudden pullout of Syria, which finally earned Trump a rare Republican rebuke after three… fucking.. years of this bullshit presidency. There is however one thing that the big brained talking heads continue to ignore.

There is one thing that I see Trump supporters try to do over and over again that I believe is the one defining trait that really matters to them, and that’s a concept called “owning the libs”. They don’t care about policy. They don’t care about debating the issues, or what the facts are surrounding a given issue. They don’t care about what’s lawful or constitutional. They don’t even care about the truth or basing policy on factual information. If you’ve ever seen a hardcore Trump supporter attempt to engage in a debate, they quickly find themselves out of their depth and resort to personal attacks the moment they back themselves into a rhetorical corner. Their idea of winning a debate is speaking louder than everyone else, and lobbing more personal insults that have nothing to do with the subject being debated than their opponent. It’s not about listening to the other side and responding, because that’s all just fake news and deep state propaganda that can just be ignored. This is why the facts just simply do not matter to them. To them, getting in “sick burns” and shutting down the debate before it begins are the objectives. They care more about winning simply to see the other side lose, than for taking any supposed high ground morally or intellectually.

So how do the Libs combat this? Let us consider what it is that Trump, and by proxy his supporters, crave the most: attention. Stop the press gaggle that forms every time he gets on a plane or helicopter. Stop pointing a camera at him simply to get the next stupid sound bite to get outraged over. Whatever he says in most cases if literally irrelevant, and he should therefore be treated as irrelevant. The press has unwittingly become an accomplice to the daily Trump outrage machine, and it needs to end. Force him to seek out the press to get his message out, not the other way around. Most of all though, I would like the press to be more aggressive in painting him as the liar he is. Don’t just point out that what he is saying is incorrect, call him out for lying. Finally, when he’s attacking a member of the press, stand up and be counted by supporting your fellows and protesting such treatment, rather than letting that individual twist in the wind. Otherwise, Trump is gonna continue to walk all over you guys and his base will only ever see just another case of Trump “owning the libs”.

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