Hot off the heels of announcing the demise of ISIS leader Al Baghdadi, Trump came out of the White House and attended a baseball game. Far from getting any slack for coming up with a rare and conveniently timely win, he was booed. Videos have been going around all day showing Trump clearly expecting to receive cheers before it slowly dawned on him that quite the opposite was occurring.

My feelings of despair and ennui are gonna be yuge!

Then chants of “Lock him up” began that were apparently in the 100 decibel range, quite loud in other words. Loud enough for him to hear them for sure. And then there were signs all over that fans had unfurled calling for Trump’s impeachment.

I personally am in the, “you reap what you sow” camp on this one. Some seem to feel otherwise, saying in short that we should respect the office of the presidency regardless of who inhabits it. Normally I might feel the same, but these days are anything but normal and nobody disrespects the office of the presidency more than the man who currently inhabits it. This is not the time to sit around revering the office and our fragile republic from afar, this is the time get up close and personal and demand that it be made respectable once again.

Yes, I get that the “lock him up” shit is beyond the pale. I get why we shouldn’t be calling for the politically motivated imprisonment of our political opponents. Pretty much anybody with a brain and sense of history can agree to that wholeheartedly. However, the one man who should know this implicitly clearly doesn’t. It is for him that such things need to be held up like a mirror, so that he can see what it’s like to be in the crosshairs so to speak. He should squirm and feel uncomfortable at the prospect¬†of having his own words spit back at him by a stadium full of outraged constituents.

I don’t harbor any hope whatsoever that such methods will produce anything other than that wonderful sense of schadenfreude that I, and millions of other will get from this. Not because I believe those methods to be in error, but because Trump will never be respectable, or do what a respectable president does without a second thought, which is to listen to any other voice but the massively ill-informed one inside his head.

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