Break’s over

Dear non-existent readers of mine, I’m back from vacation today. You didn’t know I was on vacation, you say? Right, well that’s because you don’t exist, and I never told you, the non-existent readers out there, that I was going to be on vacation.

Anywho, my SO and I drove to our destinations this time for a grand total of ~2,200 miles over 12 days. Spending that much time on the road was exhausting to say the least, not to mention the various activities and sight seeing that occurred in between. Pair that with a serious lack of sleep, and it’s amazing that I’m functioning at all today.

The first destination on this grand tour was Nashville Tennessee, where an old friend of ours resides. We managed to drink a lot of alcohol, a favored pastime and recurring theme of vacations with the SO. Laying down to bed sometime past 3AM, we were up bright and early for the next destination at Panama City Beach, Florida. Drinking, swimming, long walks on the beach, dive bars, and stuffing our food holes, while enormously fun and relaxing, does take it’s toll physically. We spent 6 days doing that before heading off to Chicago Illinois. We broke that leg of the trip up with nightcap in Columbus, Indiana, before pushing off the next morning to spend the next 3 nights in Chicago drinking, eating, sight seeing, shopping, and partying with the SO’s extended family.

We got a late start coming home, and were waylaid about 1 & 1/2 hours having navigating the severely congested roadways of Chicago during rush hour. We didn’t make it home until just after 2 AM this morning, whereupon we immediately collapsed on the couch after unloading the car. I awoke on the couch this morning and hastily made my return to the office.

I did manage to catch the news during our travels, and there is so much I could comment on. Too much really, like drinking from a firehose. I will however not be adding any commentary to this journal today. I will instead be watching the clock, and heading home at my earliest convenience to resume my couch-bound recovery from rest and relaxation.