Attorney-client privilege is very much alive.

Wait, what? Attorney-client privilege isn’t an anonymity shield? Doh!

Let’s just start off with a stark fact; Cohen isn’t really a practicing lawyer and the services he offers to his ultra-rich clients aren’t legal services. When Michael Cohen’s lawyers were forced to out Hannity as Cohen’s “mystery client”, Hannity had this to say about the matter:

I never gave him a retainer. Never paid any fees. I may have handed him $10 once. I requested attorney-client privilege with him, and assumed our conversations would be confidential, but they have never involved any matter with him and any third party.

Cohen must be the most magnanimous lawyer in the history of lawyering. Not only does the guy take on a second mortgage to pay Stormy Daniels $130,000 out of his own pocket, but he offers Hannity legal advice and attorney-client privilege for a mere $10? If you’re gullible enough to swallow this horseshit, then I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you. However, I do take Hannity at his word when he says he never gave Cohen a retainer. That would imply that Hannity actually hired him for legal representation, and we all know that legal services aren’t really what Cohen is offering to his clients.

Take note that Hannity specifically mentions attorney-client privilege, as if that was a separate service on offer. The part that he, and Trump for that matter, are just not getting through their thick skulls is the “client” part of attorney-client privilege. It only covers communications for those who are, or seek to become a client. Merely speaking to a lawyer or having one present in the room does not automatically confer attorney-client privilege. He also seems to conflate it with the mere fact that he’s a “client”, as if it affords him the right to remain anonymous. It doesn’t. It’s also worth mentioning that attorney-client privilege has exceptions, chief among them being when the conversation is held for the purpose of engaging in a crime.

Knowing what we do about Fox News and their history of shielding habitual womanizers by paying off their accusers, I think it’s safe to say that Hannity is long overdue for a similar reckoning. Would it really be that surprising to find out that he’s just like his hero Bill O’Reilly? He’s certainly been quick to come to the defense of such men, and he absolutely idolizes Womanizer in Chief, Donald Trump.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out in the end. It may be that nothing more comes of it unless more women start coming forward. Given his need for Cohen’s less than legal services for rich dudes who can’t keep it in their pants, I’d bet a sizable sum of money that there is at least one woman out there who got paid to sign a non-disclosure agreement for Hannity.