Over the weekend it came to light that Trump admin press secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant that her and her family were attempting to dine in. While I don’t agree with the owner of the the Red Hen in Lexington KY, I would like to point out the glaringly obvious reason why the Huckabee’s, or any Trump official for that matter, had it coming.

Mike Huckabee, father of liar Sarah Huckabee, totally not supporting a small minded bigot.

Consider for a moment way back in 2015, when a certain Rowan County, Kentucky clerk of court refused to issue same sex marriage licenses. Remember who was at her side when she was released from prison for being a feckless cunt (yeah, I said it, so what)? She claimed it was against her religion, and that since she morally opposed gay marriage on religious grounds she was therefore within her rights to refuse to issue a marriage licenses to gay couples.

Now fast forward to last Saturday, when he tweeted this fantastically self-unaware statement:

That’s truly rich, coming from someone who has championed so called “religious liberty”, or as I like to call it, religiously sanctioned bigotry. If you open the door to denial of service for those people who you just disagree with, or generally don’t like because of your misguided interpretation of a Bronze Age code of laws, you can’t rightly call foul when you’re done the same exact disservice. It’s truly mind boggling that they never once considered that this was the inevitable result.

While I find this fitting in karmic sort of way, it’s still an unfortunate turn of events. I don’t generally agree with refusing service based on ideological or religious differences. This is not how civil societies conduct themselves, but then again, the age of Trump has very little to do with civility.