Bubble Boy Trump

Take a look at this article. It’s brief and only takes about 60 seconds of your time, 5 if you speed read.

One of the things that my non-existent readers may not know about me is that I’m all about investing. Being non-existent readers, not to mention a lack of candor in this arena on my part, are no doubt to blame. I stumbled upon the blog “The Big Picture” written by the guys over at Ritholtz Wealth Management a couple years ago, and they are usually pretty spot on. I don’t follow many financial advisors, especially professional advisors, and I certainly don’t pay for it. Fortunately these guys opine and occasionally give out sound advice for free, and are often talking heads on the various news networks where they speak competently about investing and economics in general.

Today they chose to highlight one of the things that may not be so obvious to you, the non-existent readers. The Trump’s are terrible at understanding the economy. I don’t know what education they have had collectively, or whether or not they can get out of their own way long enough to actually listen to those that are more knowledgable on the subject. Certainly old Donny Douchebag in Chief himself will tell you that he listens to his gut rather than the experts. Whatever way they came to understand our economy it’s flat out wrong, and that’s dangerous for anyone who takes them seriously.

This is of course giving Douchebag Jr. a very generous benefit of the doubt, and assuming he’s truly just that ignorant and not outright lying to our faces. This is a family after all that is all about shameless self-promotion. Hell, their very name is their fucking brand. The so-called real estate mogul hasn’t actually done any major real estate deals for decades, other than to sell the rights to slap his name on other people’s buildings.

When you see these guys woefully misunderstand economic indicators or tweet false information to promote the Trump administration’s absent economic policy, understand that they don’t have the first fucking clue what they are talking about. Again, that was a very generous benefit of the doubt because it’s more likely they are fully aware that they are spreading misinformed opinions, or otherwise are just plain full of shit.